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Zain + iPhone = FREE CALLS ?!

يبدو ان هناك طريقة ما في جهاز الايفون تمكن المستخدم من عمل الاتصالات مجانا من خلال شبكة زين !! لا ادري اذا كانت هذه حقيقة ام خيال … لمن لديه معلومة حول هذا الموضوع الرجاء الافادة

Question from:  Abdul R

تحديث : يبدو ان الامر حقيقي … الارشادات موجودة في منتدى مارك

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  1. not totally free

    but if u install skype on your iphone and add credit to it, it’ll almost be free since it’s really cheap, you can use it with wifi or the 3g network (which you’ll have to pay for)

    i also heard of a trick but never tried it before is to use the eGo chip in your iphone to get really fast speeds if you’re gonna use skype on it might actually be free

  2. la tstansoon wayd hatha called skype bs elee yabee mshakl 7g nafsa ynzlah cos u have to buy anther line on the site skype and then trans to u mobile or tanzlena on ur phone its easy but 7g el mashakl ooooooooooooook enshallah yshelonah !! UAE shlooh sawaw 7jb 3aleeh and Saudi ga3d yswee mshakl cos other cant sms u just call u and the numbers only comes min any country u choose !!

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