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Where did you park the car?

قد تكون هذه أطرف صورة لهذا اليوم ؟

Via Dailymail

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  1. FAKE !
    لاحظ السياره مافيها زلق .. داش بالطوفه .. حتى الاصطاب الخلفي ما ينكسر ؟ .. لو شفر بو حديده ..يمكن .. بس مرسيدس .. ما اظن
    اتوقع اعلان

  2. تنبيه: Untitled
  3. I do not think that this is a fake. I believe the driver (or his girlfriend of purpose while she was seducing him, or when he was not looking) put the gear on reverse. Since the guy had a merc, and want to hear the awesome sound of the exhausts bouncing through the concrete, he slammed hard on the accelerator.. you know the rest of the story

    As for the panels not having a scratch, remember it’s a Mercedes-Benz, thus it indestructible.

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