Virgin: Kuwait

مما كتبه مازن عن “فيرجين” الكويت


I passed by VIRGIN today morning to get some CDs and realized that the place is shrinking. The whole center of the store has been blocked by white walls. Dunno what’s going on but there must be something fishy…or they have leased the place to a restaurant since VIRGIN has become these days a bazaar where all shops can sell their goods. I asked the cashier what’s happening and as usual i got a confused answer. Anyways VIRGIN is no longer an enjoyable place…damn i miss our VIRGIN in Beirut!! [Link]

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  1. Name: Tamer Mohy Eldin Ahmed
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Date of Birth: 02/04/1974
    Address: 9 Hassan El-Leithy, Nasr City,
    Cairo, Egypt
    Cell # 012 691 88 04
    Profession: Owner of Music store
    I have a great experience over than eight years in the field of music industry.
    Computer skills: Windows, Internet
    Arabic: Mother tongue
    English: Good
    Hobbies: Composition, playing drums
    I am seeking a job at your decent organization, where it met my experience and I can use my qualification

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