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The World’s Oldest Swiss Army Knife

أحد أصدقاء الموقع قام بارسال هذه الصورة التي تعود الى أول سكين قامت شركة (سويس آرمي) بانتاجها .. حتى الان لا أضدق انها بالفعل كانت بهذا الشكل .. غريب اليس كذلك ؟

Thanks Ali

Image from Gizmodo

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  1. I have always wanted a Swiss Army Knife, probably because I watched too much Macgyver. I ordered the Swiss Champ from Amazon (Which has the best bargain anywhere!) and forgot how big it was. When I got it I was kind of overwhelmed and knew it wouldn’t be carried around in my pocket all the time. It is definitely more of a Multi Tool than a pocket Knife.

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