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The New Micro-Sim From Wataniya Telecom

هذه صورة الشريحة الجديدة المقدمة من الوطنية للاتصالات

Benefits of offering the Micro SIM are:

1.Wataniya gives customers the opportunity to exploit the latest technologies in the mobile and computer industry.
2. Allows customers to enjoy the data network everywhere in Kuwait, on the latest computer/mobile devices that customers choose.
3.Customers enjoy the superb Wataniya Data service on the newest devices.

Website: Wataniya

‫27 تعليقات

      1. yes my friend

        back in feb our friend frankom posted about their new offer on the new 9700 blackberry and went i went there they denied knowing anything about frankom and the offer

        so i went with their offer and i discovered that i signed a 2 years contract which i didnt have a clue about

        now i am stuck with paying 43 kd a month weather i use the credit or not

        i felt cheated


      2. that offer was a mistake from Wataniya Marketing team
        coz i double check with my agency as well as another guy there who confirmed that it was for real

        the other day they apologized

        sorry for that issue

  1. توقعت فيفا تسبقهم!
    عموما خطوة ممتازة من الوطنية لأن المتوقع إن أيضا الجيل القادم من iPhone
    يحتاج إلى نفس نوع هالشريحة.

  2. Kuwait 10:

    tara el micro sim yabooh kil el sharikat wataniya zain viva, bs awal nas a3lenaw 3ana eb shakel rasmi el wa6aniya b3dain viva o zain ma a3linaw eb shakel rasmi bs 3endhom

    so the micro same is available now with the three companies o ay company ta3jbkom ro7aw laha :P bs 6ab3an atwaqa3 next week ra7 ekon rasmi bel branches

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