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منذ آخرلعبة فيديو قمت بشرائها على جهاز الكمبيوتر كانت "ريزيدينت إيفيل" كانت منذ سنوات ، يوم أمس اثناء ذهابي الى مجمع المارينا مع عبدالله توجهت الى "فيرجين ميغا ستور" لمجرد أنني أحب التوجه اليه في كل مرة … ربما الديكور الجديد سمح لي بأن أشاهد العاب الفيديو بشكل أفضل مما كانت عليه في السابق

لمحت لعبة "سونيك" بجميع اجزائها على دي في دي واحد .. أذكر أنني قبل سنوات أيضا قمت بشراء جهاز سيغا + لعبة سونيك الجزء الاول لمجرد أنني اشتق اليها … مع هذه اللعبة الجديدة سأتعود بشراء المزيد من الالعاب البسيطة على جهاز اللابتوب

The game

Watch the clip [here]

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  1. The fans have been waiting for a proper release of this series for years now, and it’s finally here. It’s quite literally my childhood dream come true.

    For those who have been following the various forums, you’ll know that the fans have had a very large degree of freedom in voicing what they wanted in the box set. It was truly a labor of love further epitomized by the fan artwork that was used.

    What else can one say? We are lucky to have the show on a DVD release at all; the extras are just icing on the cake.

    For those who aren’t fans (yet) like animation enthusiasts and so on, I will say this: some people dislike the show, while many others have a deep emotional attachment to it, particularly those who grew up watching it. I recommend checking out the IMDB forums on the series; see what people have to say about it. This is commonly known as the “Dark” Sonic series, with its police state undertones and Matrix esq scenery and contrasts. Many consider it to be quite profound for a piece of animation, with characters that have great strengths and yet great weaknesses. The great use of foils I particularly well done (note the differences in character interactions between Sonic, Tails, and Sally). This is a series that is definitely worth viewing, certainly at least once.

    Highly recommended.

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