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Office 2010

تزامنا مع اطلاقه في الولايات المتحدة والعالم .. أوفيس 2010 متوفر الان في الكويت

هل هناك موقع أو محل يقوم بتوصيل النسخة الاصلية ؟

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  1. اوفيس 2007 كان يسويلنا مشاكل وايد على النوتبوك

    وبالجامعه ابتلشنا فيه وايد وقاموا بتغييره إلى 2003 مره ثانية

    انشالله 2010 يكون افضل

  2. كنت على وشك اني اشتري 2007 قبل يومين
    بس يوم شفت مسوين عليه عرض هونت وتنبأت بقرب صدور 2010
    وحدثت النبؤة
    i’m the one :)

  3. la tgoooool ana yaly hadiya office 2007 gabl 3 months or 4 months

    ‘6olm hatha ya jima3a abeee 2010 ;p yalla mino ya36eeny iyah ;p

    hahahaha 5al injabil 2007 shwaya cuz @ work mako ela officw 2007 ;p fagraneeen 3ad our company ma yit6awerooon ;p

  4. I’ve been using OpenSource Office for over a year now and I have to say, it’s just as good as MS Office (if not better), and totally free.

    AND it gives you the option to save it as an opensource office file, or as a MS Office file.. AND it gives you the ability to open both types (MS and OpenSource).. AND it looks very nice (a lot like MS Office 2007)..
    AAAAANNND (this is the most important one) it’s totally FREE! With all the updates, with all the templates, with all the support, totally FREE!

      1. Regarding outlook, first off I have Mozilla Thunderbird which has all the functionalities of outlook + the same looks + free; add to it that I’ve set a hub e-mail account and now all my e-mails are instantly directed to my iPhone (3 minutes delay max) so I don’t really need outlook anymore.

        Bs regarding Arabic, el sara7a I wouldn’t know coz I’ve never used it for Arabic.. Actually my work/studies don’t require Arabic at all, so i’m doing good with OpenSource :)

      2. 3adi same way you run outlook! Download it, and set your exchange (incoming and outgoing servers) up, and you’re ready to go!
        It has the exact same setup steps as MS Outlook.

        As long as you have server address and ports and protocol, just fill them in, and you’re on.

  5. Cool.
    I bough 2007 a long while ago, I discovered it does not have Arabic proofing tools, so I could not get it to check my Arabic spelling.

    Let’s hope that the version Eureka has this important feature.

  6. سؤال المليون

    على كم كمبيوتر اقدر اركب نفس النسخة؟

    عيزت ادور ابموقع MS
    ولا لاقي اجابة صريحة

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