Nokia N80 for 450 KD !

اثناء توجهي الى منطقة شرق حيث المحلات الكثيرة هناك المتخصصة في الهواتف النقالة وجدت اعلانات كثيرة عن هاتف نوكيا (ان 80) حيث يتم بيع الجهاز الواحد هناك على سعر 450 دينار كويتي ! و هو بكل تأكيد سعر أكثر من خيالي !

بعض المحلات قامت ببيعه بسعر 300 دينار وهو أيضا سعر مبالغ به كثيرا !

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  1. Actually in the Mishref Exhibition, Xcell for phones sold it for 250 with warranty, as did another one or two stores there. However there were some who sold it for 300.

    FCC is releasing it on the 2nd of May, Tuesday. So I hope by then prices would be different.

    I saw it, touched it, and fell in love with it. However I am hearing that there are some glitches here and there, so I have to wait.

  2. I wouldn’t recommend buying the 450kd one .. it only comes in silver it a pre-sale edition. I am going to wait until the price drops under 250kd. Glitches, bugs and hardware problems are not worth the extra 200kd.

    People who are paying that much for the phone are idiots. No warranty will cover the beta phone, and the will be a brick within a couple months.

  3. My friend got it for 250…but u know kuwait…people are a haba ( dont know the word for ti in english :P) as soon as its out…even if its for a 1000 KD..they’ll get it…just wait one month ..and look how low the price will be…

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