My new W810i SonyEricsson !

أعلم أنني مدمن هواتف نقالّة و اعلم أيضا أنني مولع بالاجهزة الكهربائية ، لذا قررت أن أشتري هاتف سوني أريكسون .. الجهاز حتى الان أكثر من رائع .. سأقوم بتجربته لاحقا هذا اليوم

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  1. mabrook 7aji franks … me too i need a phone. but i need it thin, light, with large edgam (3ashan athafry ma yenkasroon) with 60MB and an embedded flash memory with 1GB capacity. Not to forget the high pixle camera with X10 zoom… where can i find this phone?

  2. i bought this phone two weeks ago. i was always a nokia person (god i love the font i’m writing this comment with!!) so it was hard to get used to it.. but now im so attached, and loving it… just yimkin i dont like that it doesnt keep a log, and if someone calls me more than once, i can only know the last one (isnt that a bit retard?).

    that’s it.

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