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Internet & Tech.

My “Neo” PC

أستلمت اليوم جهازي الجديد كليا وفق مواصفات أتمنى أن تكون قياسية أليكم مواصفات هذا الجهاز

Intel i7 2.66GHz
Windows Vista Home Premium (Original)
2 X WD HDD 500GB
2 X LG-DVD/CD-ROM Drives
Power Supplay 600W (Thermaltake)
Case (Thermaltake)

بشكل اولي ويندوز فيستا أفضل من اكس بي بكثير خاصة مع الواجهة الرسومية الجديدة


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  1. Moi: i have XP on the old one i did not use (slow) and i have it on my notebook and i like it coz its only for internet. im using linux by the way but i need like one month to hate Vista :) may be less

  2. mabrooooooook khoosh specs waalaa
    good thing u got vista its very good and ur pc has the muscle to run it easly people have problem with vista on slow pcs and laptops bas powerful mechine like urs it will run like a charme inshala :)

    1. Bohsain: الله يبارك بعمرك
      الفيستا 32 لاني أدري بعد كم شهر راح ارد على اللينوكس ما احتاج الويندوز بوايد اشياء
      البروسيسور تقريبا بين 85 وال 90

    1. wolverine: around KD500 with some accessories VGA alsmot 1gb with 446 memory
      they told me 600 W is OKAY unless if i want to add more cards that needs more power i can place the current one with 1200 or 1500 W

  3. If I were you I would’ve:

    Install Windows 7 RTM 64-bit
    Upgrade the ram to 8 GB or 12 GB DDR3
    Upgrade the VGA card to GTX 295 with FullHD
    Upgrade the Powersupply to 1200 W

    Windows 7 is much better & faster than Vista & XP

    1. tartooob: my budget was around KD450 and KD500 i dont want gaming on this PC but still this can play games however 4GB can be upgraded to 8 or 12 but i dont think i need it right now. also 600 W fits the specs that i have i know more is good but as i said my budget was not that much. ;/

  4. عليك بالعافيه
    والفيستا احسن بوايد حتى من الناحية الامنيه
    مواصفات ممتازه
    :) وياليت لو تجرب الماك بيعجبك

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