Movie: TOKAI (street cleaner)

This film is participating at the Kuwait International Film Retreat (Kuwait Young Film contest-Contest Films A) which would be played at Al-kout mall on April 6th (12pm), 7th (4pm) 8th (6pm).

The film title: TOKAI (Street Cleaner) – Production year: 2007 – Country of origin: Kuwait – Languages: Bengali, Subtitles: English – Film Type: Documentary -Time: 18 min.

TOKAI (street cleaner) is a short documentary that offers a glimpse into the lives of thousands of street cleaners who sweep the streets of oil rich Kuwait. In a country of abundance and wealth, these men earn menial salaries, as low as $50 a month and eventually regress into the forgotten inhabitants of the Middle East.

Directed, Edited and produced by:
Abdulrahman Alaskar
Abeer Tebawi
Vachan sharma

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  1. problem with this movie is that its in english therefore aimed at western audiences who have no power to either attempt to reform or change the status of Kuwaiti workers. In my opinion you should change the subtitles of the bengali from English to Arabic so that it could reach a wider audience here in Kuwait where positive change can happen to bengalis.

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