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Michael Jackson (X Factor) !

لماذا نكره مايكل جاكسون ؟

Thanks to [elbasha]

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  1. cos:
    (1) he is fake… he is white when originally black
    (2) God made humans to evolve apes to humans not the other way around… he looks like a chimp!!
    (3) his nose is nasty
    (4) he sounds like a fag

    but his music is incredible :) at least it used to be, he hasnt published new stuff in a while

  2. yeah Frankom….hahahaha…i was looking for the comment now and damnnni couldn;t find it….it happens…last night i was commenting and my eyes were shutting down….banking is hell in this country i wanna change…

  3. والله انا احبه.. فنان الطفولة وليلحين اسمع اغانية
    و وايد من الفنانين الكبار تعاونوا معاه
    مثل سلاش و فان هيلين وغيرهم.. هالادمي يبدع بالافكار..
    و بالطقاق الي يطقه يسوي تجميل ولا يغير لونه وردي موشغلي. اهم شي اني اتمتع بأعماله
    خصوصا اذا عطاك الصرخه آآآآآآو اتحطم لول :D

    والي يكرهونه ماعندهم سالفه :)
    قالها من قبل LEAAAVE ME ALOOONE!!!

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