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Live: social media day with #zain




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  1. Excuse me for I am about to throw a tantrum and rant a little. I will try to make it short.

    I honestly don’t understand what’s the buzz all about? What does the “social media” add as a service to us? There’s nothing “new” about big name services like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Buzz and Instagram. All what was done is simplifying an interface and adding A LOT of limitations to older web-services.

    But then I realized something; those developers are one of two things. They are either too stupid or too smart. I am assuming the later and it started like this…

    Dev 1: Hey, let’s create something as retarded as this idea… and then add a lot of limitations to it!
    Dev 2: Are you stupid? that’s the most retarded idea I’ve ever heard… only imbeciles would find this useful.
    Dev 1: EXACTLY!

    *they both pause for 5 seconds*

    Dev 1 and Dev 2: CHA-CHING!

    So, the theory is… since 90% of the people are imbeciles it’s a smart business plan to create something that works for the lowest-common-denominator. You know…. your retarded average Joe.. and everyone thinks the world is NICE AND DANDY!… Derp!

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