Best Wishes From Tag Heuer

بدأت أهتم بالساعات بشكل كبير جدا في الاونة الاخيرة خاصة الباهظة منها (مجرد حب استطلاع لا أكثر) !! أميل بكثرة الى الساعات ذات الاوان الغريبة مثل البرتقالي والاخضر والاصفر وغيرها !


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  1. The trailer you posted for Tag Heuer is for Geneva’s sports watch of the year and the watch is called TAG HEUER MIKROTIMER FLYING 1000 it can measure time to 1/1,000th of a second no watch company was able to achieve such a novelty except Tag Heuer and it is not available for sale yet but when it goes on sale the asking price would be around 24 thousand KD ($88,000) (http://www.bornrich.com/entry/tag-heuers-mikrotimer-flying-1000-watch-sell-88000/) and they will only make 10 pieces of that watch.

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