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Internet & Tech.

Best Connection with e-GO

Areas :

Kaifan, Shamiya, Nuzha, Hawally, Shuwaikh, Qadsiya, Jabriya, South Surra (For Sure – All areas are included)

هذه المناطق قمت بتجربة الخدمة بها و لا أدري اذا كانت هناك مناطق أفضل أو تقدم نفس الخدمة

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  1. For some reason I imagine you starbucks hopping from one area to the other, trying it and runing out to next, and if you have coffee, then that is even a bigger rush.

  2. :: lol !! Alla yesma3 minkom :) Well i bought the USB device from Hawalli, i used to be in Shamiya drinking my coffe, My home located in south surra, my work in Jabriya, i was in a small visit to Nuzha few days ago, for the rest i was told by someone :)

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