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وعادت انفلونزا الطيور

يبدو أن انفلونزا الطيور عائدة (أو قد عادت بالفعل) في الولايات المتحدة وربما تقتحم العالم كله مرة أخرى !

Bird flu is making a comeback, the United Nations warned Monday. Though the deadly virus had been in decline since appearing in 2003, wild bird migrations have brought it back to previously virus-free countries, and a mutant strain has already killed people in Asia. Those most likely to be affected? Residents of Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Particularly worrisome is a new vaccine-resistant strain that’s been detected in China and Vietnam. So far, no cases have been reported in the United States, the New York Times reports. Bird flu symptoms include fever, cough, muscle aches, sore throat, and eye infections; the virus can cause pneumonia, severe respiratory disease, and death. Typically, it spreads from infected birds to people, though human-to-human transmission is rare. People are most likely to get the virus if they have extensive contact with infected birds, often by working in poultry production. The U.N. is calling for countries to increase their surveillance of the virus and to take preventive steps.


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  1. They do that every time there is an economic crisis we understand the main idea behind it. Buy the antidote and spread a rumor that will make the whole world freak out and then sell the antidote in a very high price. It’s an old trick try another one to whoever is responsible for spreading that lie.

  2. انا حاشني العام الماضي سواين فلو وانا راجع من امريكا…حرارتي ارتفعت الي 40 درجه وكنت مفكر انها انفلونزا عاديه… بعد يومين رحت الطبيب لما ما قدرت اتحمل وما نزلت الحراره…قالي انفلونزا عاديه وعطاني مسكن وخافض حراره وقالي الدكتور “انفلونزا خنازير اي يا عم دي حته حراراه وتروح” بعد جم يوم راحت الحراره ووصلني من وزاره الصحه نتيجه العينه اللي خذوها مني مكتوب فيها “بوستف” يعني فيني اللي يكافيكم الشر هالنوع من الانفلوزا….محد قرب علي ولا احد كلمني اسبوعين والدوام اجازه اسبوعين لما اتشافي…والله ما كان فيني شي وعايش حياتي عادي…كله كلام فاضي وخبال ولعب في عقول الناس للاسف والحكومات دايما تصدق من خوفها علي الشعب…والله المستعان ويبعدنا عن شرورهم ويجعل تدبيرهم في نحورهم اذا هالكلام لعبه

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