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صورة: وهكذا انتهت احتفالاتنا


في احد الشوارع تماما مثل بقية الشوارع الاخرى ! انتهينا من الاحتفالات!

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  1. Two days ago I saw the Kuwaiti flag on the other side of the road, with cars driving by and driving on it. I immediately took the first u turn, stopped the car, turned the emergency lights on, and picked up the flag. I can’t see the flag of my country being driven on. Everyone should do the same thing if they were in the same situation.

  2. mate is just a flag, a piece of clothe, dont make big deal of it, once i read somewhere that you people made a big deal about Bader almotawa when his football boot has Kuwait flag, check this 2 links please

    such great 2 countries with full history and power but they never made big fuss about such thing like how you guys do all the time.

    please post it. X

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