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صورة نادرة: بيل غيتس وستيف جوبز

هذه صورة نادرة  جدا لعملاقي البرمجيات بالعالم … ماذا لو اجتمعوا الاثنين في عقل واحد ؟

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  1. they were working together .. gates were smarter and just went with his own company. apple couldn’t do anything because there ideas were invented together.

      1. they weren’t “invented” together ! , gates only worked with apple cause he wanted to unveil the technology behind the Macintosh. And he copied them as soon as he had the chance to !

  2. oh and by the way .. the arabic version of windows was made by engineers who they were working at شركة صخر ..!

    yes sakhr ..sakhr did a programe called نوافذ that was basically an arabic version of windonws in the 80s .. what happened was these engineers left the company without telling anyone because well there isn’t anyone to tell during that time which was the gulf war in 1990 and it was a golden chance for microsoft to take all the engineers because basically there is a war in kuwait .. after the freedom of kuwait sakr company suits microsoft because of this and guess what .. yes they won the case .

    اذا تعرف احد من عيال الشارخ سأله وراح يقولك القصه

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