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على انفاس نيسكافيه الصباح ومطالعة الصحف المحلية .. أتفاجأ بمثل هذا الاعلان

ممكن أحد يشرحلي الموضوع باختصار ؟

جريدة القبس



أعتقد أن الصحف كلها فيها هالاعلان

‫9 تعليقات

  1. ما ابى احط بذمتى
    بس تفسيرها اما انهم اصدقاء وربع
    او انهم اصدقاء وربع حيل
    او انهم اصدقاء وربع حيل حيل حيل
    عاد انتى اختارى واحد من هالاجوبة الى قدرت اكتبها :)

  2. this guy needs puplicity and exposure as much as possible, I know why but maby a76 ebthmety. hint: read about money laundry and why its important to pick a regular man and make him so famous all the sudden

  3. As said above, he needs more publicity and he is linked to those two gentelmens. However, the Dousary gent record at the ministery is nto that good. And i was suprsie that he was upgraded. He was headign the jail department for long time and Mr. Sahoud was one of the main supplier for the Kuwaiti Jail. ! clear? or you need more?

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