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زين للاتصالات تقدم خدمة الانترنت المتقدم LTE-A؟


أثناء تصفحي موقع زين قبل قليل شاهدت هذا العرض الجديد لديهم وهو جهاز Netgear Hotspot ,الذي يدعم خدمات الجيل الرابع المتقدم LTE-A ويدعم أيضا بطارية تدوم لغاية 11 ساعة متواصل ويباع منفصلا بدون عقود بسعر 80 دينار كويتي!! لا أتذكر أنني قرأت تصريح من الشركة أو حتى اعلانات يفيد أنهم أطلقوا بالفعل هذه الخدمة بالكويت! أو ربما يستعدون حاليا لاطلاقها

يمكنكم معرفة المزيد حول الجهاز الجديد والاشتراكات الخاصة به من خلال موقعهم (اضغط هنا)

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  1. الجهاز يدعم هذي الشبكة LTE-Aحاله حال كثير من الاجهزة الموجودة بالسوق تدعم 100 ميجا والشركات تعطيك 10 ولا 20 بالكثير

    زين ماعندهم الا 4G

  2. I found it on 4GLTEmall for $490 ! equivalent to KD145 so KD80 is a good deal

    Advance LTE is coming soon (Hopefully) but i guess we will never get the 1Gbps as promised due to the networks infrastructures in Kuwait

  3. check model AC790S which is mentioned in Zain official website

    Netgear Aircard 790s (AC790S) Technical Specifications:

    Network Technology:

    – 4G CA 1800+700, 1800+2600, 2600+700, 2600+2600 MHz
    – 4G 700/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
    – 3G 850/900/1900/2100 MHz
    – Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, 2×2 MIMO, simultaneous Dual-Band 2.4GH/5GHz
    – Chipset: Qualcomm – MDM9230 (Modem) – WTR3925 (RF) – QCA6174 (Wi-Fi)

    Device Display: 2.4” QVGA capacitive LCD touchscreen


    – Capable of download speeds of up to 300mbps
    – Supports Cat 6 LTE with carrier aggregation (up to 40 MHz)
    – Support up to 15 WiFi enabled devices

  4. Apparently this will increase the current speeds by 3 times from the current lte on average and will also be more stable when moving in a car and will not disconnect when getting a call. So basically it is just as the name implies an advanced lte.

    1. When they first launched LTE the speed was between 70-80 (on a speed test app) as an average, the more people they have the more shared internet will get now the speed is almost between 15-25, if the new LTE-A will increase the current speed by 3 times so we will reach again 70-80 ;/

  5. Can you show us a speedtest for the device. If you can make it more detailed. One time when the routers (hotspot) signal is full. One time if its half signal. And one time if its one bar signal. This will give us an idea if it has improved from the regular lte. Both speed and latency. Thanks

  6. Can you show us a detailed speedtest in three times. One time when the routers (Hotspot) signal is full. One time when it is half. And one time when it has one bar signal. This will give us an impression if it has improved from the regulsr lte. In both the speed and latency. Thanks.

  7. 4GLTEmall and the likes is ridiculously over-priced to the point selling routers at a high-end smartphone price range! I surely don’t recommend buying from these places.

    About the cat6, just give me ‘STABLE’ 50Mbit/s and I’ll be the happiest in the world.

  8. I signed-up for the 500GB/month package with Netgear hotspot 1 month ago.

    Initially I was getting 20-35 Mbit/sec download and 10-15 Mbit/sec upload, but it is deteriorating daily.

    Now I am getting on average 5-7 Mbit/s down and 0.1-5 Mbit/s up.

    Plus getting frequent data dropouts! My 4G signal is stable at 100%.

    They are oversubscribed, and did not upgrade their infrastucture.

    Shame on you Zain!

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